What might be our last Feral Live wireless show for COP26 is definitely NOT the last show Kerry Morrison and I will bring to you.
More programs will be repeated and ideas for new shows will be put into reality.
Watch this place (or our website) and get in touch at
info@feral-live.com to be kept updated.

we start to replay previous programs,
here is what you can listen to today.
please remember the times are GMT and
the start times might change slighly according to the length of the program.
as aways you can isten by clicking on the drawing.

Michael & Fridjof from Sehlis, a tiny village in Saxonoy / G tell us exciting stuff about Climate activism and a growing better way to grow and distribute food.
Later Kerry Morrison and I will speak to Lena, Forestry planner in our region with a special focus on our immediate environment the forest of Corriedoo.
We are streaming now (as we write) some repeats - as a learning exercise for us. It seems to work and we will bring the repeat schedule for the next days to you later today.

Updated programs will follow shortly here
or can be found on our facebook page

Feral Live Wireless is an Internet radio station broadcasting from Corriedoo Forest in Galloway, Scotland.
Feral Live is an artist led initiative co-created by: Kerry Morrison, socio-environment artist, and Helmut Lemke, environmental sound artist.
Together, they will run and present Feral Live.
Feral Live will run initially for one year, during which there will be special focus programmes coinciding with live events such as COP 26
The programme outline is currently in development. In brief, from Corriedoo Forest, we will explore climate and biodiversity related issues at a local (and national) level from an arts and environment perspective. Issues pertinent to our region, which we are already connected to through our creative practice and community work, include: peat and organic soils; forests, woodlands and woodland creation; forestry, agro-forestry and silvo-pasture; biodiversity; ecosystem engineers; water courses, water tables, and hydrology; green energy/power, food production, circular economies, ecosystem cultural services; community well-being, and rural community sustainability.

Feral Live will launch on Sunday 31st October with our first special wireless broadcasting

From the Feral Live launch on Sunday 31st October, there will be steady and reliable programming throughout COP 26: daily broadcasts at times as yet to be decided. The broadcasting will be connected to projects or issues of interest to the presenters – projects happening in Glasgow, Galloway, and beyond. Needless to say, these topics of interest are less likely to hit mainstream broadcasting and news. That’s the thrill of Feral Live.

The beauty of Internet radio is that it has a global reach. Feral Live aims to present and cover global Climate Crisis and Biodiversity Emergency actions through connecting with other, like minded, internet radio stations around the world; pooling together programming in order to generate a global broadcasting network, bringing our locales into the homes of listeners here and across the world: broadcasting together under one sky for one planet.

To promote Feral Live locally, and reach communities living in Galloway, we are exploring ways to bring the radio to the attention of people living in the region.

(the 2nd was tuesday, thanks for making us aware....)

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