there are concerts and installations and performances.
all are based around SOUND.

i create sound
- in concerts i prefer to use long strings and my tape machine of 30 years.
concert at Fuel / Manchester
only sometimes i still play saxophones, bass clarinet or harmonica....
- in exhibition i build objects and machines....
- my performances investigate sounds... of streets, grounds, materials, objects,

but more important than the sounds i add are the sounds that i find.

so, until i add sounds to my website that are created by myself i suggest you hold on for a minute (or longer) and listen to what is around you.
what you hear, might be not my sounds but is what i respond to.

strings bow 1 

strings bow 2 

strings bow 3 

strings beat 

strings pick 

bass clarinet 

the tape machine 

tape machine detail 

tape machine