Umbrellas hang from the ceiling, they are attached to slow turning motors.
The visitors control the motors (On-Off) via moving sensors.
The turning umbrellas sound through ping-pong balls or twigs that hang from the ceiling.

“simple” sounds, transparency and subtleness.
It is simple in its everyday material and how it works..
motors turn and objects jump on and scratch the surface of the umbrellas –
the resulting sounds are subtle and require careful listening.

Shown as ... at...
'10 dances to combat my hay fever' Turnpike Gallery Leigh – GB / 1996

'.. im sanften sturm ein sommertanz ...' Produzenten Galerie Kassel - G / 1997

'To & fro and round the gentle storm' Liverpool Museum Liverpool- GB / 2000

'14 tänze zur bekämpfung meines heuschnupfens' Kammgarn Fabrik Kaiserslautern - G / 2002

'Sonic umbrellas' Millennium Gallery Sheffield - GB / 2004

'... more dances to combat my hayfever' Ferens Art Gallery Hull - UK / 2007